Welcome to the Privacy Practical page. On this page, you will find short links pointing to your data collected by the www.amyrim.com.

-I have a ticket and have an account.

-I don’t have a ticket but I do have an account.

-I don’t have a AMYRIM.com  account, but am subscribed to the mailing list.

-I don’t have an account and am not subscribed to any mailing lists.

-I’ve visited AMYRIM.com in the past.


Because you are an account holder, your data is collected and consent is given through the opt-in form


If you don’t have a AMYRIM account, you can still be subscribed to AMYRIM’s general newsletter (emails about festival-related topics, important announcements or news related to the AMYRIM.COM).


While you are visiting one of the www.AMYRIM.com, cookies may be sent. These cookies are anonymized and used to track activity across domains for statistical reasons. Cookies are also used to provide full service to visitors, such as automatically logging you into your account and optimizing your visiting experience (such as your language choice).


As you were a visitor in the past, data might have been temporarily stored. You have the right request a full data removal, also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’. Please contact AMYRIM’s Data Protection Officer at @, who will respond shortly.

AMYRIM.COM strives for data transparency. If you have any remarks, suggestions or complaints, please contact AMYRIM’s Data Protection Officer at support@amyrim.com

This is the privacy statement for the website www.amyrim.com belonging to AMYRIM FESTIVAL .

If you make use of our website, we  and third parties  may process your information. This information may include personal data. That is why we ensure that it is processed carefully and securely. This privacy statement describes which data is collected, what this data is used for and how we process it. AMYRIM  Festival recommends you to carefully read this privacy statement. Please keep in mind that this privacy statement can be revised regularly, for example after new functions have been added to the website.


It is important to Free Festival to treat your personal data safely. We ensure that any data we have of you is properly secured. We continually adapt our security and pay close attention to what can go wrong. We also offer our website via a secured connection. This connection is indicated by a green lock in the address bar in most internet browsers. Any personal data that you provide via the website is sent with an encryption. This makes it more difficult for malicious parties to intercept your personal data. We also work hard internally to securely process your personal data.


This privacy statement does not apply to third-party websites that link to our website. We cannot guarantee that these third parties treat your personal data reliably and securely. We recommend that you read the privacy statement of the website in question before making use of these websites.


Your personal data may be shared with third parties for the following reasons:

We have hired them to support us;

This is necessary for executing our agreement with you (such as for events which we organise with third parties);

We have a justified interest to do so; or

We are legally obligated (for example, if the police demand so for suspicion of an offence).

The following third parties can process your personal data at our request:

Our ( ) service providers;

Online and offline post and shipping services (such as for our newsletter and your tickets);

Payment service providers;

Cookie service providers;

Partners (parties that organise events with us);

Our partner for ticket orders ( );

Photographers and cinematographers (who are present at our events);

Other entities within our group (for administrative purposes or advertisements via cookies, if you have given permission);

We have entered into agreements with all parties listed above regarding a careful treatment of your data. If necessary, we will always ask for your permission to share data with third parties.


The current privacy legislation gives you a number of rights with regards to your personal data:

You can request access to the personal data of you processed by us and the objectives for which this personal data is used.

You can have errors in the processed personal data be corrected or have personal data that has expired or become redundant be deleted.

You can revoke the permission you gave on the website to process certain personal data at any time.

You can raise an objection against the method in which your personal data is used.

You can request us to transfer your data to a third party.

You can request us to provide you with the data in a digital format.

You can turn to Free Festival directly if you wish to exercise your rights or if you have a question regarding the manner in which Free Festival treats your personal data. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this privacy statement. In order to prevent misuse, Free Festival may ask you to identify yourself when you turn to us to exercise certain legal rights.