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Malaga, Spain, in the month of June is a sweltering month! It yearns for events that are laced with music, dance and delicacies! It calls for events that give birth to unmatched fun, memories, and tunes to recall forever. Therefore, Amyrim Malaga’s open-air festival arrives with a summer to remember with the biggest electronic music festival. We furnish our audience with thrilling memories, high-class DJs, mouth-watering food options, and VIP luxuries that will illustrate a night to remember. The Amyrim Malaga’s open-air festival will vibrate with upbeat music, beers, and bodies for three exciting days. The best festivales musica electronica sets up a dynamic atmosphere with electro and house music by world-class artists. Arts & crafts workshops and face painting stalls at the event add liveliness and joy to the environment. Amyrim festival is embellished with beautiful and bright colored flags and we’re proud to declare it as the most vibrant electronic music festival in europe. We never disappoint the foodies with our heavenly food, cocktails, and beer, which is served by professionals.

The best part is that you get to enjoy all these experiences with your loved ones! It is a festival that caters to people of all ages. Bring your friends, lovers, or yourself to turn your summers into beautiful memories. What’s more? Our festival is hosted in an area that is safe, secure and loaded with affordable accommodation. Getting to the venue is as easy as stepping into clear water. Coupled with cheap transportation and accommodation, your experience will be unmatched!

Level up the fun by becoming a VIP. With a simple registration, you can unlock plentiful benefits. For instance, entry to a luxury VIP lounge with an information desk for help, mouth-watering VIP drinks, a personal chill-out area, a chichi lounge, comfortable seats, front row seats, mobile charging facility, and exclusive sanitary products through our VIP package. Wiggle along to the beats as our finest chefs, servers, and DJs cater to your needs.

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